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Condo Association and Cooperative Management

REPM LLC's guiding philosophy rests on the knowledge that all Association Board of Directors are established to maintain the common elements, provide for the continuity of the Association, establish governance that is reasonable, fair, and productive, and most of all to help assure that every member’s investment in his or her unit appreciates in  value.

The company sees its role as your Board’s “Chief of staff” in establishing and maintaining governance that allows for honest, fair, and well reasoned stewardship. REPMLLC Management Services are uniquely tailor-made to fit the needs, size and resources of each association. Consistent communications with the members of the Board of Directors is geared to help Board of Directors to fulfill their fiduciary duties in a responsible, successful and enjoyable manner. REPMLLC goal is to help preserve, protect and enhance the value of every member’s investment. It is what we call ethical, professional management from the Value Added perspective.While REPMLLC will perform all of the usual and customary functions of other management service providers, it also focuses its efforts  on giving the Board of Directors all of the necessary tools it needs to maintain Board centrality, establish committed,  policy-based governance, provide prudent fiscal oversight, and maintain meaningful communication with the membership and provide professional quality project management services at no additional cost.

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