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Services - Property Management, Maintenance, COOP

Condo Association and Cooperative Management

REPM works with association Board of Directors to help them understand the nature of their association, scope of duties and fullfill Board obligations in a responsible, successfuland enjoyable manner.


REPM LLC's goal is to help preserve, protect and enhance the value of every member’s investment. It is what we call ethical, professional management from the Value Added perspective.

Individual Property Management

REPM manages investment and rental properties for clients with a client-focused turnkey management package.

We work with many foreign parties investing in the United States. 


Our services include leasing, tenant communication, handling financial transactions, remodeling, maintenance and more.

Maintenance Services

REPM provides comprehensive maintenance services to investor clients, Condo Associations and Cooperatives, apartment communities and property management firms.


Our skilled maintenance division can also handle remodeling projects and combined with REPM's infrastructrure, is able to focus on maintenance in targeted ways to accomplish broader cost control objectives for Associations. 

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