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Real Estate Properties Management LLC (REPMLLC) has been engaged in professional property management since 2001.  Since the passage of the definitive DC horizontal property regime legislation in 1976, REPMLLC began working with developers, tenant groups, and Condominium Association Boards to establish viable associations that truly benefit their membership. From inception for some, through re-organization for others, REPMLLC has continued to work with association Board of Directors to help them understand the nature of their Association, the scope of their duties, and the obligations inherent in their election to the Board of Directors.  Steady and calculated growth for REPMLLC has been achieved by providing elected association directors with the tools required for capable, experienced, and reputable stewardship. 


As the name of the company conveys, the mission of the company is to bring Professional Property Management Services to condominiums, cooperatives, home owner associations and real estate investors throughout the region. REPMLLC also engages in Real Estate Development and Investments with actual physical holdings in excess of $10,000,000.   The company’s knowledge allows us to tailor a service mix designed specifically to meet the unique and ever changing needs of each client. Through REPMLLC's purchasing power, the company’s economies of scale allow it to provide benefits at a price any size organization can afford.  

Professional and Certified Property Management Services | REPM

Richard W. Haddad, Certified Property Manager (CPM), Owner, is an experienced property manager with more than a decade of business and management experience.  His business background lends itself effortlessly to working with Association Boards in managing both large and small projects. His effective negotiating skills focus on cost control, and experienced management oversight, allows him to bring structure and organizational discipline to the Property Management process as well his experience in Real Estate Development, Commercial Property Investments also enhance his ability to address the needs of each property from global perspective. Through his perceptive understanding of community dynamics, and his ability to work and manage employees to effectively ensure performance, Richard is the ideal person to bring “value added” management to your Association. Richard lives in the Northern Virginia area, and provides full service management services to a portfolio of 18 Condominium, Home Owner Associations, Cooperative and Rental buildings consisting of over 1,000 units and self manages the companies own corporate portfolio of real-estate holdings which consist of 25 flexible warehouses, a McDonald’s and Wendy’s Restaurant Land Lease and an assortment of retail store fronts. Additionally, he acts as a managing agent for a portfolio of 25 investment properties (Single family Units) by providing leasing services, turnkey maintenance, all monthly bill payment services and all banking transactions with an emphasis on achieving the best Return on Investment (ROI) for his clients.



Serghie Macarov is an experienced Maintenance Engineer that has over 20 years of Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, HVAC Installation and Maintenance Services, Drywall Repair/Painting experience and all types of flooring needs. The focus of his efforts is to be able to address any Repair or Maintenance need an organization or an individual unit owner has in an efficient manner at below current market rates. Serghie’s focus is to work with all clients to provide much of the maintenance support required to ensure that proper maintenance protocols are followed at each property by determining the best ways to allocate the companies resources to deliver the very best services with consideration to the most affordable prices in the market place. In the case of large Capital Projects Serghie can manage all the requisite tradesmen with all the necessary skills needed to deliver the needed services necessary to satisfy our clients. REPMLLC has one truck and has invested in all the necessary tools to accomplish any project faced with.

Key Staff

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