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Maintenance Services

REPM LLC provides maintenance services by way of its maintenance division. The maintenance staff consists of 2 engineers and 4 above average general maintenance techs. These capabilities enable the company to provide full maintenance support to all its communities and investor clients. 

Another advantage of these capabilities is the synergistic dynamics between the various Community Board of Directors and REPM LLC to jointly focus on all maintenance related projects to the Common/Limited Common Element areas of the Association in targeted ways to accomplish the broader objectives and cost control strategies that every Association is constantly struggling with.


REPM LLC also provides its maintenance services to all of its investor clients that are renting out their units. Additionally, it provides maintenance services to other clients that have emergency repair needs or are engaged in remodeling projects.


Maintenance services we offer:


1) HVAC Installations, Repair and Routine Maintenance

2) Electrical

3) Plumbing

4) Drywall and Plaster Repairs

5) Painting Projects

6) Carpeting

7) Bathroom and kitchen remodeling

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